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China’s 2017 plastic waste import ban has seen notable quantities of the world’s discarded material being redirected to elsewhere in Asia but changes are afoot. The message from countries in Southeast Asia at least is you’d better consider shipping it elsewhere. Better still, why not handle the recycling of plastic waste at home?   ​Read More

BASF is expanding workhorse antioxidant production capacity globally. Townsend’s take:  BASF is fighting it out with South Korea’s...  Read More

 Implications for Polyolefin Resins
PVC is an easy-to-process, durable resin, with additives playing a key role in its market success. Plasticizers, heat stabilizers, lubricants and impact modifiers combine to deliver a cost-effective solution in durable applications such as pipes and window profiles. Now, many of these additives are proving a detriment to its recyclability due to EU regulation. 

​​As plastic manufacturers move towards more sustainable packaging solutions, how is this poised to impact the use of polyolefin resins? 

Read Townsend's take in this edition of GPCA Insight Express.    

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What 'Megatrends' Are Impacting Global Blow Molding? 

Townsend experts talk about some of the key megatrends driving change throught the value stream today, and shaping tomorrow in this edition of SPE's Journal of Blow Molding

Finnish renewable diesel manufacturer Neste is exploring ways to introduce liquefied waste plastic as a future raw material for fossil fuel refining and petrochemical feedstocks, meaning ultimately part of the plastic thus processed will be reborn as new virgin plastic.   Read More 

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