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With over 40 years of accumulated knowledge and a deep bench of industry experience, Townsend experts provide subject matter content at key industry events, both public and company sponsored events, conferences & meetings.
From oil price scenarios to end-use application level data, to granular details on 60,000+ plastic conversion plants, we leverage our depth and expertise to provide knowledge, context and clarity to the industry.

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International Plastics Fair (IPF)
October 2017, Tokyo
​Townsend Representative:  Riichiro (Rick) Nagano  
Townsend Representative:  Stephen Moore

SPE Annual Blow Molding Conference (ABC)
October 2017, Chicago
​Townsend Representative:  Roberto Ribeiro

APLA 37th Annual Meeting
November 2017, Rio de Janeiro
Townsend Representative:  Simone Teixeira Lopes
​Townsend Representative:  Paula Leardini

12th Annual GPCA Forum
November 2017, Dubai
​Townsend Representative:  Peter Callais

12th European Bioplastics Conference
November 2017, Berlin
Townsend Representative:  Paula Leardini

International Polyolefin Conference
November 2017, Suzhou  
Townsend Representative:  Stephen Moore

Future of Polyolefins 2018
January 2018, Dusseldorf 
Townsend Representative:  Roberto Ribeiro

5th Annual European Petrochemicals Conference (Platts)
February 2018, Rotterdam  
Townsend Representative:  Roberto Ribeiro

SPE International Polyolefins Conference
February 2018, Houston  
Townsend Representative:  Peter Callais

PVC Australia 2018
March 2018, Sydney
Townsend Representative:  Stephen Moore

International Olefin and Polyolefin Conference (IOPC)
March 2018, Ningbo
Townsend Representative:  Clifford Lee

Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference (APIC 2018)
May 2018, Kuala Lumpur  
Townsend Representative:  Stephen Moore